Mudgirls Manifesto — 3 Comments

  1. There has never been any limit based on gender when it comes to building with mud that I know of, and, when it comes to social expectation, if a few raised eyebrows keep you from your dream, it didn’t go that deep in the first place.

    Wanting no separation between work and family life sounds like a nightmare, and so does total egalitarianism. I think the engineer should have more say on engineering than the person in the childcare position.

    There is probably no more welcoming a place for women than the natural building community. Who cares who builds stuff as long as they pull their weight?

    This sounds like the unnecessary imposition of politics into yet another unrelated area, so instead of building, we can spend our time talking about chauvinism.

    Probably they will end up talking about my chauvinism. Definitely not theirs.

    I would not buy this book. I have been listening to women telling me how terrible I am just because I am a man for about 50 years now.

    It is getting old.

    If I buy a natural building book, it will be about natural building.

    Crazy as that sounds.

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