The Root Cellar Capital of the World — 8 Comments

  1. i am in nead of some insrtuctions and answers abouut my root needs restoraion badly..i dont want to loose it as it serves as a storm protection as well..i live in prairie city, iowa and i am on afixed income, but dsring to try myself,,,so please heip me,,
    thank you so much rani dentler
    po box 275
    prairie city,iowa

  2. WOW. Very similar root cellars that still exist on my grandfathers property in Northern Greece. Built them in the 1920’s after they were run out of Trebizond Pontus Turkey and “re” settled in northern Greece.

  3. Learning from our elders with wisdom and experience certainly can help use to sharpen our own wisdom moving into the 21st century. thank you for finding this, Kelly.

  4. thank you Kelly and all those who helped worked on finding them! sharing these with us! keep developing and showing us! even those of us desert rats need root cellars to keep cool in hot days; we don’t have moss, but do use earth and straw! thanks. Jehane

  5. Neat to learn about these root cellars in Newfoundland. My great grandma had a root cellar in WI. It was always full of interesting and mysterious things when I was young. I learned at a young age the importance of a root seller in her area.

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