Natural Building as a Solution for India — 3 Comments

  1. I really love this kind of initiatives. A few years ago while traveling in southern rural Mexico, a man was showing off his almost finished cinder block-concrete house. I said “it’s looking nice, what color are you going to paint it when is finished? He looked back at me questioning and said :”…but to paint it I would have to plaster it first, right? Yes, I said. Shooking his head he replied ” if I do that, how would other people know that my house is made of cement?…

  2. Maybe. But Limestone must be dug or blasted out of hillsides & quarries, crushed mechanically, and then burnt at 1800°F to yield lime, releasing CO2 during this process. These quarries (actually, strip mines) often are in ecologically delicate coastal areas. I don’t see how this is a ‘sustainable’ building practice.

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