Permitted Earthbag House in Australia — 7 Comments

  1. Hi, I’m building an earthbag dome home in Queensland. I would appreciate any help you could give with how to go about the council approval. Thanking you so much.

  2. Hi, Kate an Scott nice job, well done, how come the architect an engineer was not mention they also did their job on checking the built, cheers,

  3. Hello earth bag builders .
    Not building one myself but l am excavating a basement and have free to good home ( pun intended ) fine sand , l am in the Chelsie area of Melbourne and can deliver about two square metres at a time .
    This sand is a mix of a packing type sand and that hyperbolic grey black sand so perfect for vertical walls and fill before crushed rock or even in trenches in driveways to save on rock .
    Would like to deliver close to a fifty km max .
    I’ve linked comments to email if anyone replies .
    Cheers Brian

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