Wonderful Hybrid Earthbag Home For Sale

My long-time friend and fellow earthbag enthusiast, Chris Steen, has decided to sell the house in Crestone, Colorado that he has built over the last decade. It is a wonderful example of hybrid technology and evolving transformation over that time.

Here is Chris at an early stage of the construction.

Chris writes, “Much was salvaged (a ridiculous quantity of Styrofoam and brick/block), reused or was just laying unused for decades. And the roofs on the additions are ferrocement. I tore out the rocket stove and replaced with airtight wood stoves so that the house could be bank mortgaged. The mud was high performance modified. No thermal bridging beyond glass. All the timber was dead standing beetle kill that I harvested.”

The original concept was to build a true earthbag dome, but at a certain point he decided make the roof with a reciprocal frame.

This long passive solar room reminiscent of an Earthship was a later addition.

You can see the listing with many more photos at www.zillow.com

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Hybrid Earthbag Home For Sale”

  1. I am happy to see an original home like this on the resale market, like any other home.
    With the wildfires in California and other natural disasters I hope code enforcement agencies take another look at non-traditional houses, especially earth-based.
    There is no longer any reason for non-stick-built houses to be excluded from housing choices anywhere in the country.


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