Rustic Airbnb Stays

I’ve been noticing more uniquely natural and sustainable Airbnb listings lately. Exposing more people to the charms and advantages of natural and sustainable homes is good for business, education, and the planet. If any of you readers have property that would be suitable to offer up as an Airbnb rental, I encourage you to explore the possibilities of hosting through them.

The following Airbnb rentals are examples of what is available right now in the Eastern US.

The owners retrofitted this simple 20-foot container with high-efficiency insulated walls, low energy windows, a wood stove, composting toilet and tiny kitchen to turn it into the ultimate off-the-grid escape. Walk 100 yards north of the cabin to find a 30-foot waterfall; trek south to find a small stream and wood-fired hot tub.
Get the quintessential cabin-in-the-woods experience at this rustic three-bedroom home just a short drive away from Rhinebeck, Hudson and Tivoli. Secluded in a back country road, it’s the perfect spot for long walks, bike rides—or just relaxing on the porch or by the fire pit.
The open loft floor plan of this barn in upstate New York sleeps up to six, but be sure to come with a crew of close friends: Most of the rooms don’t have doors. Though it looks awfully rustic, the building has been recently renovated to stay toasty warm in cold weather.
Located on a bucolic 10-acre farm in the Catskills Mountains, surrounded by a maple forest, streams and a wildflower field you can frolick in, this artisan cabin features huge windows and skylights perfect for stargazing and gazing at the beauty around you. The Birdhouse features an outdoor rustic shade structure, Adirondack chairs, a fire pit and grill, an outdoor shower and outhouse, and it’s totally off the grid. It may be rustic, but it’s also a way to reconnect with nature.
Snuggle up in this little cabin across the street from Candlewood Lake and behind Squantz Pond State Park. With tons of natural light and plenty of outdoor space, this spot is perfect for a quiet respite. Inside, is a big comfy couch, vaulted ceilings and wooden walls.
For those excited by eccentricity, the Hippy Hut is what it sounds like—a haven for the hippies among us with groovy decor (tie-dye is a huge component) and off-the-grid atmosphere with an outhouse, camping stove, heated outdoor shower, and even a chicken coop to provide breakfast every morning.


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  1. I think part of the problem is the legality of this idea, even in Cochise county where you can legally build alternative type structure, it is specific that these dwellings are not to be used as rentals. So you might be able to get away with it, but are you working within the law? Not sure how the insurance works with Air B&B, was in discussion with Tenter, a camping sort of site which had a big blanket policy that would cover anything, even activities out side of the residence, like if you took them on a tour or such, so they claimed anyway. But I could see insurance as an issue on an alternative not to code structure, stuff I hate to think about, buttt!


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