Rwandan Company Champions Earthen Technologies

CLEZOL is a Rwandan construction company that specialized in rammed earth and compressed stabilized earth blocks. The company was created by three Rwandan civil engineers who worked on the construction project of Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture, before they came up with the idea to create their own company.

“As the world is focusing on the target of achieving Net Zero carbon by 2050, we specialize in the projects and products that are eco-friendly and reduce as much carbon as possible,” says the managing director. He noted that research and development is an integral part of everything CLEZOL does in pursuit of further improvement in the technology.

Apart from being an eco-friendly structure, rammed earth keeps the interior of the building comfortable either during hot or cold weather; there’s no need for air-conditioning. The rammed earth structures are treated with sealants to make them both waterproof and dust-free.

With rammed earth and CSEB structures, you can save up between 20 and 30 per cent of the money spent on the regular cement and brick structures.

Rammed earth technology is very economical because it uses soil as the raw material that is readily available in the construction site. Instead of excavating the soil and disposing of it, you use it as the main component of your structure, and that means you will not have to spend money on trucks that dump the soil. Rammed earth structures reduce up to 70 per cent emissions of carbon dioxide.

The company employs more than 300 workers including Engineers, Technicians and casual laborers. Besides, providing much needed employment, they also take part in community development activities. They facilitate workers in getting on-site trainings in construction so that within a certain period they can be promoted to a next skilled level.

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