Straw Bale Houses in Southern California — 8 Comments

  1. I just find it sad to see people waste there hard earned money on building a house that has a very limited life span and so many built in potential problems

  2. The solution is simple build out a material that is not affected by water or mold and in your article you mention that no building if fire proof want to bet? A pumicecrete home is fire proof termite proof rust rot and mold proof tornado proof and water will not hurt it and has a high R value and great sound attunation and can be built for a fraction of the cost and the time. For more info on pumicecrete homes you can email me at take care

    • Even a pumicecrete home will burn because usually the roof is made with framed wooden rafters or trusses and there are many burnable interior furnishings or elements.

  3. But the straw bale has the potential to mold that’s all you need to know why would you want a house with that potential???

    • I tend to agree with you about that, but so do ordinary stick framed buildings. It is a risk that most people seem to be willing to take.

    • ray, if by the comment, “looks like mold to me” you are referring to the dark spots in the interior photo with person standing near window. The spots are most likely the beginning of the mudding/plaster phase of construction.

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