Stabilized Caliche Floors

Report on how to make cement stabilized caliche earth floors
Report on how to make cement stabilized caliche earth floors

Caliche: calcium carbonate formed in the soils of semiarid regions.

“I sifted the caliche through a chicken wire sieve to get rid of the larger material. This leaves a good size aggregate for a 4-5inch think pour, thicker floor better against moisture too (when the pour is too thin less ,than 3″, the mix will crack more, when setting).

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Piedra Caliza

Tim, one of our readers, left a comment about the materials in southern Mexico (60 miles east of Mexico City in the state of Tlaxcala, just outside the state capital) where he’s planning to build an earthbag home. It turns out there’s a wealth of natural building materials nearby that are dirt cheap. In addition … Read more

Question about Fire Ants

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. James: I wanted to build with straw bales, but a builder friend advised me not to go with this type of construction here in Texas because of the problem of fire ants building nests in the straw. Owen: No one building system is perfect for every situation. … Read more


Certain types of soil for earthbag fill material may be available for free or dirt cheap. Excavation companies typically want to empty their trucks as quickly as possible to reduce labor and trucking costs. Ask them for ‘clean fill dirt,’ which is low cost soil free of debris. It’s best to avoid problem soils such … Read more