A year off grid in my cordwood roundhouse

Cordwood roundhouse home tour after living in it for about a year. Cost: 4,000 British pounds ($5,590). It look about six months work to build. Features include micro hydro power, gravity fed water, wood stove, loft and living roof.

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Jason’s Cordwood House

Jason's Cordwood House at The Farm
Jason’s Cordwood House at The Farm

“Jason and Alayne discovered this great foundation that was built with a wise eye towards passive solar design and insulative walls. They are now building a home incorporating other smart features such as cordwood walls and a living roof which will have rainwater pumped with a solar pump up to it, irrigating the roof and keeping the house cool.”

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Plan-it Earth Roundhouse Holidays

Strawbale Roundhouse -- the reciprocal frame roof and roof light express beauty and clever design
Strawbale Roundhouse — the reciprocal frame roof and roof light express beauty and clever design

It’s grueling hard work surfing the Internet for beautiful natural homes, but someone’s got to do it! Today’s website features two stunning roundhouses that can be rented out for vacations.

“Staying in our Roundhouses in Cornwall is a truly magical experience. It offers the perfect combination: back-to-nature living, without compromising on all the luxuries you would dream of for a perfect Green Holiday. Roomy, with comfortable beds, cosy wood burners and beautiful lanterns, this is luxurious Eco Living! This year we have two Roundhouses, situated in the orchard and large vegetable garden. The Roundhouses provide a unique family holiday or honeymoon destination.

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Cordwood Masonry Special Effects

“Here are just a few of the great variety of special effects that people have incorporated into their cordwood masonry. Go to our Book and Media page for a description of our CD on the subject with over 60 captioned images. How to make bottle-ends and special designs is included on the CD.” Source: Earthwood … Read more

Galleries of Cordwood Homes, Sheds and Cabins

Here are the best cordwood photo galleries I could find. They include good basic info and links to other cordwood resources. Enjoy. “Also known as Stackwall, Stovewood, Firewood or Cordwood Masonry. Short lengths of debarked trees (cordwood) are laid with a mixture of mortar and insulating materials – such as sawdust or spray foam – … Read more