More Earthbag Testing

This post by Patti Stouter is part of a larger effort to summarize existing test results and hopefully organize and conduct more earthbag tests. “During 2010 and 2011 engineering tests of earthbag increased. Universities involved in evaluating earthbag structures have ranged from Ghent, Belgium, to Cape Town South Africa to Stanford and Brown Universities. Test … Read more

Earth Block and Earthbag Testing

Full text of the video is available on my Naturalhouse’s YouTube channel. This blog post will focus on summarizing the test results. Please note that even though half the samples were earthen blocks, you can do these same tests on earthbags to help develop a good soil mix. A link to additional tests can be … Read more

Wind Testing of Earthbag Wall

Breaking news. This just in from Brandon Ross, P.E. whose team has just completed an earthbag wind test in Florida. Text is from his preliminary report. Final results are expected to be published in a few months. “The University of Florida chapter of Engineers Without Borders has completed wind testing of an earthbag wall. The … Read more

Earthbags Can Be Almost Hard as Rock

Do earthbags really become hard as rock or is this exaggeration? I did a little experiment on the roundhouse we’re currently building to find out. The answer depends primarily on the choice of fill material and the degree of compaction. The moisture content and curing process also play a role. We used road base – … Read more