Pumice-lime / Scoria-lime

There’s a wide variety of fill material that can go in earthbags – road base, subsoil, gravel, crusher fines, etc. Use what’s low cost and locally available. But also consider durability and climate. Do you live in a very cold climate? Then consider using insulating materials in the bags. Do you live where flooding is … Read more

What if You Don’t Have Any Clay?

We received the following tip from Birgit in Tanzania, where no clay is available. Thanks for sharing. As you probably know, clay is typically used in earthbags as a binder. Clay is available in most areas, but not where Birgit lives. Birgit’s solution is to “use what’s locally available and affordable: 40% volcanic dust (which … Read more

Stabilized Earth Walls

Stabilizers make earth walls stronger, more moisture resistant, and reduce shrinking and swelling.  Water is the number one enemy of earth buildings and adding stabilizers (particularly in rainy climates) is one way to create more durable structures. Lime (Type S – Hydrated Lime) is one of the best stabilizers for clay soils, and more environmentally … Read more