Halcyon Times Dome Home

“Three long months… 2,000 sandbags, 4,000 nails for closing the bags, 90 cubic yards of lava rock, 4 miles of barbed wire, -40 lbs. of combined weight-loss & 37 cans of Cattle Drive Chili… we have completed construction of our dome home.” Halcyon Times blog Note: They used scoria (lava rock) as fill material.

Earthbag/Stone Foundations

The most recent issue of The Last Straw journal (#60) has my article about earthbag/stone foundations. The following information is just a short excerpt. You can buy the full length article from The Last Straw. The design outlined here can be used with load-bearing and non load-bearing straw bale walls, earthbag walls, cob, adobe, cordwood … Read more

Using Scoria for Earthbag Building

If you’ve been reading our blogs and websites, you’ll often see reference to scoria. Scoria, also known as lava rock, has numerous properties which make it a great building material. The key breakthrough for earthbag building was Kelly Hart’s house made with bags of scoria. His house stays comfortable year round in a very cold … Read more