Outside the Box: Off-the-Grid Living with Josie and Abe

Josie and Abe’s off grid homestead -- Vela Creations
Josie and Abe’s off grid homestead — Vela Creations

“What if the only bill you had to pay was for the internet? Imagine what you could do with all of that extra money.

Imagine how little you’d have to work for the man! You would be able to sustain yourself on very little monetary income, and invest more of your time into the things that mattered.

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Autonomous Buildings: Houses With No Bills

“An autonomous building is a building designed to be operated independently from infrastructural support services such as the electric power grid, gas grid, municipal water systems, sewage treatment systems, storm drains, communication services, and in some cases, public roads. Advocates of autonomous building describe advantages that include reduced environmental impacts, increased security, and lower costs … Read more