The Love & Haiti Project

The Love & Haiti Project provides a curriculum for sustainable living solutions to Haiti. In May 2011, we will be certifying Haitian students in Permaculture and training locals in Superadobe while building community structures with this technique around the island.

The Love & Haiti Project’s mission is to provide the people of Haiti a safe, transitional sub-permanent housing alternative, teach a curriculum of skills to empower Haitians to self-sufficiency, and assist with the rebuild of this recently disaster-struck country.

The Film Project
These Two Hands is a documentary on the long term rebuild of Haiti- demonstrating the ability to make a huge impact with grassroots principles. Through consistent filming of the on-site build in Haiti, this will allow for The Love & Haiti Project to create translated training videos whereby the local Haitian citizens will learn how to:
• Build using earth and repurposed rubble
• Waterproof dwellings utilizing effective water catchment and treatment systems
• Grow food of sustenance using natural irrigation and organic permaculture principles
• Teach other members of their community and communities close by how to build using these methodologies

The overall purpose of the film project is to raise awareness of permaculture methodologies, natural building techniques and various practices of sustainable lifestyles.

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