Thermal Performance Data on an Earthbag Dome

Awhile ago, I wrote to you asking if you had any recommendations for stabilizing our 14′ (inner diameter) scoria dome tank house which had started to fail as a result of the bags breaking down. I wanted to give you an update.

We paid a crew last November to shotcrete it inside and out, and it is performing very well. I just wish I knew whether it was the mass of concrete or the insulation of the bags. Probably a combo. I am interested to see how it performs once the mass has heated up a bit this summer.



My husband Mike put a couple of temperature sensors on the building, one inside and one out in the shade. I’ve included those charts, as they are quite interesting. Please use this info in any way you feel is worthwhile for others.

Thanks, Tina Phillips
CaƱon City, CO

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