Tiny Houses for Homeless People

Rex Hohlbein and his daughter, Jenn LaFrenier, are both architects in the Seattle area. In this TEDx video they present a novel approach to reducing homelessness. They suggest that we should “reimagine our personal space by inviting homeless residents to move into beautifully designed, off-grid, homes built in residential backyards.” Called “The Block Project” these tiny homes — built with neighborhood support and community volunteers— provides a path out of homelessness that encourages neighbors to come together as advocates, mentors and friends to those currently living on our streets. Rex started a Facebook page to raise awareness for those living unsheltered through the sharing of photos and personal stories. Today, that Facebook page has over 46,000 followers, becoming a thriving and inspirational non-profit, Facing Homelessness. Rex now combines both architecture and community outreach in starting a social justice architecture firm, BLOCK Architects, with his daughter.

I found this presentation to be quite moving, and convincing that this could actually be a viable option in many communities. You can watch the video at www.youtube.com

2 thoughts on “Tiny Houses for Homeless People”

  1. What an amazing project. even in the comments section of the video, people are asking to get involved all around the world.

    Compassion and mind come together to heal and build community!

    it’s really great that the homes are off grid. showing how we can do this.


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