Woman Builds Tiny Farmhouse

Tori is a shellfish biologist with no prior building experience. After falling in love with tiny homes and doing in-depth research, she built a modern farmhouse-style tiny house. As she puts it, her tiny home build was “powered by significant amounts of tequila and inspired by Joanna Gaines” of Fixer Upper fame. But it was also fueled by her determination to get it done right no matter how long it took and despite the frustrations encountered along the way. Tori paid for the entire 24′ tiny house withh cash as she went. It ultimately cost about $30k and took her 1.5 years. She has an empowering message for newbies and female tiny house builders: “It’s sometimes intimating going to the hardware store and asking for what you want. I suggest trying it, even if it’s something small to build, or even go to a workshop because it’s empowering…Now I see things, and you know, ‘I think I can build that. I should try that’. It’s a really nice feeling not needing to find people to do things for you.”

You can watch the video at www.youtube.com

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