You Can’t Stop a Good Idea Whose Time Has Come

My Stone Dome rating keeps goes up and down. It’s been in the top 10 lately. There’s still time to vote if you haven’t already. But the larger picture is far more important. I think geopolymer is a million dollar idea. Most houses fall apart in a few decades, need constant maintenance and are made of readily combustible materials like wood. I think millions of people will be interested in cast stone houses that last indefinitely. And if they can be made simply and affordably with DIY earthbag building, then it seems the sky is the limit.

The main reason for this post is to announce my plan to build a stone dome as soon as possible. It’s obvious people are really interested in this concept, and it’s obvious geopolymer earthbags have enormous potential. I know it will work. The building process is largely the same as typical earthbag except you have to use the right combination of materials so the earthbags turn to stone. And as explained before, geopolymer is a proven process used in dozens or hundreds of products (maybe more). The main challenge is obtaining and testing the materials. Fortunately for us there’s a local university with a soils lab who could do our tests, so that’s a plus

Our dome may include a plant covered net on the south side to beautify and cool the home, create shaded outdoor living space and add some food production.

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