16 Videos about Earthbag Building ready to View — 2 Comments

  1. That’s too bad that they decided to remove the video, because it was good for learning what not to do. Basically, what they attempted was to construct an earthbag vault, maybe 12 feet wide, by first making a vault form with some 6″ X 6″ wire mesh. Then they started laying bags up against this form. As I watched, I could sense impending doom. They got up about half way before the weight of the bags overcame the ability of the wire form to hold them there, and it collapsed. Even if they had succeeded in creating the vault, I feel it would have been questionable in longevity, since such vaults are difficult to achieve with earthbags, except for much narrower ones.

  2. First I’d like to say great blog, lots of very interesting stuff. Have been reading all the posts.

    It seems the video of the Canadian earthbag vault that collapsed has been removed by its owner. Which is unfortunate as there is often a lot more to be learned mistakes.

    Is it hosted anywhere else besides Youtube? If not do you know what they did wrong?

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