Earthbag Earthship in Belgium

Earthbag Earthship in Belgium
Earthbag Earthship in Belgium

Earthbag Earthship “is about building a new way of living based on taking back control, sharing and helping each other making it become reality for all involved.”

They’re using expanded clay granules made by Argex for insulation. Lower courses are filled with Argex granules, and the gradules are between double walls of alternating burlap sandbags.

Earthship Belgium
Earthship Belgium YouTube channel
Note: I’d love to learn more about this project from these folks. Please send more information in English if you get a chance.

I’m predicting more people will build earthbag earthships since they use a proven concept and earthbags are faster than rammed tires. Here’s one in the US.
Half Moon Earthbag Earthship

7 thoughts on “Earthbag Earthship in Belgium”

  1. I’ve wonder why more earthship builders don’t cut off one of the sidewalls first, like this guy…

    Bound to be way faster for filling/compacting than the old-fashioned way. Maybe not as fast as earthbags, but tires are usually free, you don’t have to protect them from sunlight, and it keeps ’em out of the landfill.

    • That may speed things up a bit, although it takes time to cut one side of the tire off. Tires are definitely slower than earthbags. Just look at those giant spaces between tires that have to be filled. So yeah, you can get tires for free, but you can often get recycled bags.

  2. No doubt earthbag earthships will become popular. They are a fantastic design, should be relatively straightforward to build.

    There would be something very special about having a greenhouse as part of your house.

    I notice that many Earthship designs have the greenhouse area separated by a wall (often a glass wall) from the living areas, but not all do. If the greenhouse area is kept open would there be mould problems?

    Love it!

    • It’s best to think of a greenhouse like this as a buffer zone, because humans and plants have different requirements. So it’s way better to put a wall between the greenhouse and living space. Add vents and fans to circulate the air into the home when desired, but close off the greenhouse when appropriate (cold nights…).


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