A Clever Retractable Bamboo Yurt — 5 Comments

  1. Found this doing a bit more search

    Pop-Up Yurts

    The ultimate lightweight travelling Yurt with an all-in-one frame constructed from Bamboo. The ingenious Pop-Up Yurt frame works best with smaller sized Yurts and is a great option for hassle-free Yurt camping.

    All-in-one frame

    The Hearthworks Pop-Up Yurt is a truly unique and ingenious all-in-one frame design that enables a full size Yurt to be set up in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Ideal weekend Yurts for family camping, guest bedrooms, outdoor events, or for anyone who wants to save time and add the next level of convenience to Yurt living.
    Patented UK design

    The Pop Up Yurt is the brainchild of the Dorset based inventor and Yurt maker Mike Jessop, who still makes our Pop Up frames. Easily and quickly erected this UK patented design really is the ultimate camping Yurt.
    Handcrafted and Lightweight

    Lightweight enough to fit in the back of an estate car, the frames are made of finest quality bamboo, with a steamed ash ring. Solid wood framed Pop Up Yurts can be made to order, however the Bamboo Pop Up Yurt gives the design its peak performance in terms of portability and usability. Bamboo is an incredibly strong, flexible and sustainable material.


    do they happen to mention anywhere of how to cover it? what materials they use for the skins?

    • I didn’t notice mention of this, but I assume it could be covered with most conventional materials that are used with yurts, from matted wool to canvas to synthetics. I actually didn’t see a door in the frame either, so this may just be a conceptual model.

      • Now that you mention not seeing a door, i noticed that, too. Perhaps this is as you say, a conceptual model.

        IT’s pretty darn cool. and very inspirational.

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