Planet of the Humans — 2 Comments

  1. We are on the edge of an exciting time. We are witnessing the Death of BIG OIL and the Internal Combustion Engine(ICE)…These are being replaced by clean, reusable SOLAR energy( solar PV panels in buildings and EV(Electric Vehicles). The two biggest polluters are the ICE ( witness during the virus lock down how some of the worst cities with air pollution have actually seen the blue sky again, Ex., Mumbai, many cities in china, etc)..and buildings with in-efficient heating and cooling systems (HVAC). Now that we are going EV and solar we should not become TOO fixed that some of these items use resources and may even pollute to a lesser degree. In the LONG run if you build a solar panel and true it takes power and resources to make it….it will last 20 years and produce clean energy. This is a far cry from a fossil powered HVAC unit that spews carbon in the atmosphere…Dont let fear mongering Michael Moore or others make you doubt that going solar and EV are not the better course for man to take. I am thrilled that builders and planners are striving for the Passive House which will reduce the amount of power needed to heat and cool our buildings. Also the renewed interest with building with wood over aluminum and steel ( wood is a renewable resource, aluminum and steel not so much) encouraging….We don;t need radical legislation like the Green New Deal which is just a cover to forward more BIG GOV’t…..Just replace your ICE vehicle with an EV and upgrade your building to reduce carbon emissions…and the Green Dream will become a reality…

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