A Fun Dome Home in New York State

I am posting this mainly because I think the design and execution of this large dome home is very nicely done.

It is obviously not a geodesic dome, but rather one created with curved wall framing.

The simple shingled exterior looks rustic and effective in shedding water.

The wood paneled interior has nice warmth, and the long strips of glazing bring in lots of light and views of the natural surrounding.

You can find out more at www.airbnb.com

1 thought on “A Fun Dome Home in New York State”

  1. Beautiful home. I would have added one other step. When the rain runs down the roof, I would put drainage troughs along the bottom edge to catch and run the rain somewhere else. It might add years to the decking. This being said, it might be a completely different opinion if seen in person. I still love it. The interior is great.


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