An Earthbag EcoVillage on an Indonesian Island

An eco-village of earthbag domes is growing along the coral coastline of Indonesia’s Lombok Island. The builders seeks to introduce shared housing which is built and occupied with respect for the environment. Currently there are nine domes surrounding a restaurant, pool, and co-working space. The second phase of nine more domes is underway and should be completed this winter. The village overlooks sweeping panoramic views of the white sand coastlines.

The domes of Dome Lombok are finished with natural plaster. The use of solar panels and recycled greywater help establish the village as an off-grid, eco-tourism destination.

The team has this to say about the design-build process: We sure have faced some challenges along the way but we hold true to our principles and we do our best to be as eco friendly as possible. Each time we build we learn from the dome that came before. New things about sustainability get discovered all the time, where we can we incorporate these into the existing domes and where we can’t we ensure they will be included in the next designs.

They partnered with Puraworka, who works towards giving people access to ecosystem services in beautiful, coworking destinations around the world.

photography:  courtesy of Christian Göran

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5 thoughts on “An Earthbag EcoVillage on an Indonesian Island”

  1. Indonesia has a hot tropical climate. The earthbags will likely be more of a heat sink than having any cooling effect.

    Months ago a gentleman wrote an article of his earthbag home in Thailand as being unbearably hot. It was suggested that he shade his home with trees. His article convinced me not to build with earthbags in the humid tropics.

    I rent a concrete block home in the Philippines and it’s my experience that even a 6″ concrete block wall will store heat all night long.

    I would suggest another building material other than earthbags for the lowland tropics. Perhaps scoria or perlite, which is readily available in my area.


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