Cob Bench at Colorado State University — 2 Comments

  1. Well the only thing I can say is that this structural process is not anything new! It has been around for centuries ! I know some people who have been doing these for a few decades now. They even made an outdoor stove and it uses mud & sand, water, only needed a stove pipe to put in for the three burner areas for the pots, that were put on top to see how deep pots would be to be, plastic pvc pipes about 8 inches in diameter to position inside for temporary holes until it set up to allow air to go through for fire when cooking. Once stove pipe is installed so that smoke goes outside and up above cooking area all is good. They pulled pipes out when it set up so air flows and get good ventilation for cooking. ALL mud & sand& water as I said, you can also add a Pizza oven to this! You can make a whole home using this method although it could take about be a year for it to get done and it also depends on where you live for good drainage & County approves!
    You can find this on You tube as well!

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