Couple Builds a Straw Bale Home in Ohio

David and Carrie Chew live in a house made of straw. It has two bathrooms, a modern kitchen and a packed earthen floor. The exterior walls are made with stacked wheat straw bales covered in plaster.

Proponents of modern straw-bale construction highlight the sustainability of sourcing materials from local farms and natural insulation provided by straw. The thermal mass of the floor and wall plaster basically stabilizes your temperature through day and night and the thickness then reduces sound.

2 thoughts on “Couple Builds a Straw Bale Home in Ohio”

  1. Wood frame, straw and plaster inside. Metal outside?

    Also, have you heard of the sargasso guy in yucatan? Takes a liability and turns it into bricks, then gives houses to people. Great guy, i plan to meet him. Been to mex.? A great place.


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