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    • I can only speak for the ‘hay stacks’ (mounds of straw) in my area. There’s a center pole such as bamboo. Vertical bundles of straw about 5″ diameter are leaned against the pole. More and more bundles are added from all sides as a dome shape is created. I’m not sure, but I think the outer part is loose straw. The straw probably locks together somewhat as it’s piled on the stack. The straw is fed to livestock during the rainy season, while the rice is growing.

      The stacks are made every year regardless. The only extra work is putting the straw on top of the roof. You may be able to remove and replenish just the outer layer. The whole stack would probably have to be replaced after the second year where we live (a ‘dry area’). Areas with heavy rain may need a new stack every year.

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  2. ” … alternative incomes (not necessarily a full time job, just a way to make enough money to get by) … ”

    I was recently struck by an obvious reality that is defied by marketing. The phrase “Financial Independence” is bandied about in a completely upside-down fashion.

    Independence from a thing is not achieved by having a lot of that thing. You cannot have independence OF a thing, so this phrase is oxymoronic as placed.

    I cannot achieve “Heavy Rocks Independence” by carrying a lot of heavy rocks on my back. I cannot achieve “Stupidity Freedom” by being really, really stupid. Expensive, shoddy, high-maintenance housing is a massive burden. You cannot achieve any kind of freedom by burdening yourself with them.

    Having more money only results in being extorted of more of it, and then you have to kill, maim, and destroy to get more… It’s a social and fiscal downward spiral that can have only one outcome. No decent person would participate.

    The further one gets from math, science, and common-sense, the more expensive it becomes to maintain that distance. Expensive always, always, always equates to dangerous, destructive, and dumb.

    Independence and Freedom, by definition, come from elimination of encumbrances, not an accumulation of them.

    For me, the situation is hopeless. For this building anyway. I’m really looking forward to seeing more on the geopolymer boulder-type houses while I look for a suitable (cheap) chunk of land.

    • Yes, but you need room to work. (Tamp the bags, etc.) Don’t put the thatch on until the earthbag walls are finished.

      You can leave an air gap between the bond beam and thatch (space between rafters is open for maximum ventilation). Also build screened openings above doors and windows. Install lots of windows. Build a wide roof overhang to shade the building…

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