Beach Resort Bungalows Over Lagoon

Pyramid roofed stilt beach resort built over a lagoon.
Pyramid roofed stilt beach resort built over a lagoon.

Architects often come up with very interesting and practical ideas such as the beach resort concept shown here. These thatched roof resort bungalows caught my eye while browsing the other day. Stilt houses over ponds, lakes and rivers are common for their well-known cooling effect. This is the first time I’ve seen them built in this manner. There’s a walkway on the other side so guests can come and go without getting wet.

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Escape the Ratrace and Live a Carefree Simple Life

The ongoing economic recession is putting lots of people in difficult situations. For some, the situation may even seem hopeless. I’m writing this to remind everyone to never give up. Who knows for sure what’s in store in the future, but the main thing is to keep your head together and just keep on going. … Read more

Peace Dome with Thatch Roof

Roofed domes are a very practical alternative to plastered domes in rainy climates. Plastered domes are vulnerable to roof leaks, and require rather extensive waterproofing and maintenance. Thatch can be very inexpensive in some areas. The thatched roof on our roundhouse, for instance, was only $100 for materials. This type of thatch typically lasts for … Read more