Eternally Solar Earthbag Lintel and Bond Beam System — 7 Comments

  1. I have been thinking about the lintel building. What might work, a bit better is to fabricate some large U shaped staples and punch them thru the first bag layer from the window form side. Set the bag on the form, place horizontal rebar across the window span. Tie the rebar to the vertical staple legs. Also tie the cross pieces like was shown in the photo to the staple legs. Then fill with concrete. Place next layer of bags, pushing them down onto the staples. Fill with concrete, then repeat the first row with the rebar. You may even be able to skip 2-3 rows without the horizontal rebar, so long as each layer has some large holes to connect the concrete. One caveat is this process should be done quickly so that you don’t form cold joints between each layer of concrete. You want each layer of concrete to bond with the previous. As much of a continuous pour as possible.

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  3. Combine this lintel technique with J. Davidovits’ geopolymerized stone, and you will really have a strong beam.

    • You’d want to test the process first. Make sure your mix is as strong as their mix at the Geopolymer Institute. There’s good potential for sure, but concrete would produce more reliable/consistent results because the properties are better understood. Plus, concrete dries and gains strength much faster.

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