Insu-ram Blocks Resemble Beetle Wings

Insu-ram is a system of assembling blocks inspired by the cells in the wing covers of certain beetles that allow internal air flow to circulate. Insu-ram both cools and insulates a space from external heat without the use of machinery. The external pattern of the block generates a micro-shading effect that reduces the solar contact surface.

Local biodegradable materials, such as rammed earth, clay, and manure cab be used in making the blocks.  The blocks can be produced locally and offer a way to build thermally comfortable houses in a fast, cheap, and efficient way.   Bogotá, Colombia

These cells of the beetle wings increase their density towards the outside, generating a rigid layer that insulates them from heat and decreases towards the inside, allowing the passage of fluids.

This system is particularly sustainable because of the materials used, its low carbon footprint, and the lack of need to introduce electrical cooling mechanisms to make it work. Nature uses chemistry and materials that are safe for living beings, and all the materials utilized to fabricate these bricks are biodegradable and non toxic, ensuring that the footprint on the ecosystem is minimal.

The team that designed Insu-ram were researching tropical dry forest organisms and understood the importance of the insects in the ecosystem. They decided to use beetles as inspiration, but the investigation also lead to knowing more about bees and native birds. Architects sometimes focus on design and traditional construction aspects and forget about nature’s simple solutions.

The team was touched by the struggle of the communities of rural Colombia, and how sometimes those problems are related to mistreating ecosystems.

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  1. Hi Tiffaney, I’m Mauricio, one of the designers of Insuram, we are still developing the idea with the help of the Biomimicry institute, we hope in the future we can develop the block better.


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