La Casa Vergara — 13 Comments

    • The architect’s website that featured this project is no longer active, so I am not sure about the size. My guess is that square footage is around 1500 sf, plus the open air roof deck.

  1. I really like the La Casa Vergara windows. I like the hobbit look but those clean lines got my attention.

    I am interested in building 2 or 3 connected domes with windows like these. I am not interested in building the other 2 box shaped rooms that come with this design.

    Any idea where I can look at and buy building plans that will pass the building department in San Bernardino County, California?

    • is the only firm doing earthbag houses at this time that we know of. Find a plan you like or sketch out your ideas the best you can and send them a jpeg image for a quote.

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  3. The architect sells his plans for $2700.00, which I suppose is a fair deal. He also offers to provide assistance during the building via Skype.

  4. This is beautifully done. It almost looks surreal with that color and design. It gives hope for what’s possible with a professional crew.
    But then again the roughness of a natural home built by not-so professional owner/builder is also it’s beauty. Maybe love of the home is the key. :D

  5. Interesting design. I especially like the use of light wells and skylights to minimize the need for lighting in the daytime. Having experienced one, however, reminds me that you even have some light filtering in at night, it is never truly dark. I noticed a few flaws during construction, but overall it is a well executed design.

  6. This is my favorite one to date. I’ve doodled many like this in theory, but seeing a pro one come to life is awesome! I really want to get started now.

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