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  1. Such a great idea! This isn’t possible for me here in Ghana at the moment, but a great thing to look more into if I decide to move back to the US. Thanks for sharing.

    Are there any particular websites one can look on to see possible homes like this to buy?

    (also, Kelly, I just finished your Earthbag Construction book – I feel like the entire thing is highlighted! Compared to other texts I have read, I found this book to be incredibly effective – it’s to the point, it gives you the information needed, and doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary fluff. I had a few questions I’d written down, but will read through the book again this week to see if the passages become clearer now having read the entire text.)

    • Homes that need to be, or could be, moved would likely be found in local markets, via want ads, Craigs lists, or even local realtors.

  2. Hi Kelly.
    Nice article about recycling.
    IWe have retired from the USA, to the mountains in northern Thailand, and ready to build a home. In the village where we live, almost all the homes are wood construction, various hardwoods , lots of teakwood.
    I thought the greenest home would be a recycled wood home that I could buy,take apart and rebuild, so I have bought an old house and are just waiting for the monsoon season to end.
    However as soon as we bought it, the owners set about building a concrete and steel house.
    So maybe my green building idea is canceled out.
    Beautiful old wood buildings here are sometimes available from $4000-$12000 usd depending on size and material quality of course, but sometimes on desperate needs of the owners. (Unpaid loans etc.) same things many Americans get themselves into. Mine has 12 inch teak posts, 12 to 19 feet long, and beautiful 12 inch wide hardwood plank floors.
    Local labor ito disassemble and rebuild is available and reasonable.
    I have hired a young architect group who have specialized in redesigning old wood houses, and who use the older carpenters / craftsmen to rebuild their designs without nails and screws.. Should get started in about 3 months.
    Sorry to hear about Owen, keep up the great work.

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