Spiritual Center in Capilla del Monte, Argentina

Here’s a group that’s interested in using my plans for their new spiritual center. All text below is from Heavenletters.org.

Dear Heavenreaders,
Do you remember our intention to build a community in South America? That intention is becoming reality!

The vision of Spirit Being Human is to form an international network of sustainable communities through which energy, ideas, people and resources are free to move. Spirit Being Human holds that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. A Spirit Being Human community forms its values and vision based on a new inclusive spirituality that unifies and celebrates diversity. Much like how Heavenletters are read and loved by people of all religions and spiritual paths, Spirit Being Human communities are God-centered and universal. Spirit Being Human communities are creators of a new earth and society. These communities create practical solutions from high ideals to form a new holistic and harmonious way of existing on Earth.

The aim is for a Spirit Being Human community is to be 100% sustainable within a given period of time. With the right resources and people, this can be achieved within a short period. All structures will be built in harmony with their surroundings, using only sustainable and holistic construction styles. Bio-intensive and permaculture wisdom will be incorporated into the design.

The first phase requires us to set up a base micro-community and retreat centre and, for that reason we began looking for land as soon as I arrived in Argentina. We found two suitable locations, one for the micro-community and retreat (Ojo del Agua – 2 hectare), and the other, a 400 hectare property suitable for a larger community. The micro-community will amongst other things, serve as Heavenletter’s new base when Gloria moves to Argentina next year.

Recently the resources and people have been gathering. A dear Heaven subscriber has offered a good sum of money for purchasing land. All land will be purchased under a community land trust or foundation, the members of which steward it into the future. We’re presently at work developing the project plan for the micro-community. Stay tuned!

Oceans of Love, Santhan, Heaven Admin

An example of the earth tube [earthbag] technology we’re considering for the construction of dwellings.

Spiral House 2 (click to enlarge)
Spiral House 2 (click to enlarge)

Heavenletters website

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Center in Capilla del Monte, Argentina”

  1. How beautifully you share, dear Owen! Thank you. However, we had to discover your blog’s post about us through someone else who discovered Spirit Being Human through you! I think we’re spiraling in a double helix! Something wonderful is happening!

    Gloria heavenletters.org

    • Gloria, “spiraling in a double helix”. Sounds like another innovative house design!

      Actually, I have two new spiral designs coming out soon. Nothing like this has been done before to my knowledge.


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