Bags with Plastic Liners

Question: I can only find second hand (misprinted) woven polypropylene gusseted bags that have a laminated coating on the inside (for flour and other food products). The laminated coating is actually integrated into the bag so you can’t tear it out (almost like a thin, iron on layer). Do you think the laminated coating will … Read more

Collective Purchases of Bags

Prices for bags keep going up. What isn’t? Here’s one more possibility for readers who can’t find affordable or recycled bags in their area. Paula, one of our readers, sent us word of what they’re doing to cut costs in Brazil. “People are getting together to buy a big quantity of rolls for hyperadobe and … Read more

Suppliers of Misprinted Bags

I think it would be a great idea to start a list of suppliers who sell misprinted bags. Suppliers sometimes sell otherwise perfectly good bags at a discount when the printing quality is not acceptable. Most people use 18”x30” bags, so that would be the best size to locate. Please leave a comment below with … Read more

UV-rated Bags

Earthbag projects that take more than a few weeks to build will need to be protected from the sun. You could cover walls with tarps or coat the bags or tubes with latex paint. Or you could order UV-rated bags or tubes that are specially coated to protect against sunlight. The higher the UV rating, … Read more

Fiber Options for Plaster in the Tropics

We have a guest post today by Owen Ingley of Plenitud Iniciativas, who has been experimenting with fibers in plaster. “Greetings from Puerto Rico. I just wanted to give you a quick update on something that we’ve tried recently. The last emails we sent to each other I was asking you about fibers for plasters … Read more