Free Burma Ranger’s Clinic Project Page

Kelly Hart just completed a new Project Page at on the earthbag clinic in Thailand. He added links to the previous blog posts, but there’s a good chance most readers won’t notice and so I decided to do an extra post. It’s projects like this that demonstrate how practical earthbag building is, even for … Read more

Free Burma Rangers Clinic

  “Engineering Ministries International is a non-profit organization of Christian design professionals. We provide engineering and architectural design for Christian ministries in the developing world. This past September our team conducted a construction training workshop for earthbag building. We also provided training in a thin shell latex concrete roof system called the HyPar, due to … Read more

Construction of Earthbag Clinic in Leogane, Haiti

Here’s a posting from asking for volunteer construction workers in Haiti. Rasin Foundation is looking for volunteer carpenters, masons etc. to help us finish building our environmentally friendly and low cost earthbag medical clinic which has 5 exam rooms, 1 waiting room, 1 procedure room and bathroom. Located in rural Petite-Riviere, Leogane, our current … Read more