The Carriage House — 3 Comments

  1. This is a really cool, practical, affordable design, with the steel frame adding peace of mind to anyone who is leery of a self supporting earthbag structure.

    So, a couple of questions.

    What is the effect of having the nonbreathing steel walls, and does moisture or mold end up in the earthbags and scoria?

    Also, what is the effect of having a stucco roof? Do you have a lot of rain, or is this a design for drier places?

    Also, hope Owen is doing better.

    Thank You.

    • The interior atmosphere would have to be regulated by ventilation, as is common with many houses. The exterior could be vulnerable to mold, except in this case the bags were filled with scoria which does not support mold. Stucco is somewhat breathable so any moisture that is drawn into the bags can eventually evaporate. Also, this was built in a rather arid climate, so that is an advantage.

      The latest report about Owen is that he continues to improve, is eating more and becoming more active.

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