Vertical Wall Bags — 3 Comments

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  2. From Robin: When using foamglas you have the option to use it as a piece of board. This way the board is waterproof and joints can be glued(waterproof). It is also easy to cut custom sizes with any type of tool since it is porous.

    This is mostly ideal when building a house with square (90 degree) corners. ie not rounded walls.

    Price in sweden that I got was around $100 / m3(buying at least 1 truckload about 120 m3). With transportation. So its not dirt cheep but very cool. I have only got the price from the swedish factory and noting in sweden is cheap :-)

  3. Note: they’re showing bags of foam glass insulation against a concrete wall, but of course you could place bags just like this against other types of walls, including earthbags.

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