Cochise County, Arizona, May Mandate Building Codes — 3 Comments

  1. I bought land in Cochise County to come and settle their in the future, building a house via alternative construction. May not come if that option is taken away, or have normal building fees attached. Seems you would want to attract people to your county,not push them way via regulations.

    • I agree, please call the County P&Z dept speak to Paul Esparza – Planning Director at (520) 803-3960 and let him know how you feel. He is a real nice guy, and not the one who will be making the decision but will forward on your concerns to those that will, and if I may could I share your comment on our Facebook page Supporters of the Cochise County Building Permit Opt-Out ?

  2. Thank you Kelly for helping spread the word. We are working hard to maintain this unique option for our County. I have high hopes for this county becoming a show place for Alternative Construction, and it is well on its way already, lets hope it stays this way. Anyone interested is helping can contact the Cochise County P&Z department and state your feelings. We have also started a FB Group that all are welcome to join to see how this fight is going– Supporters of the Cochise County Building Permit Opt-Out ! Clay

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