A New Video About Building with Hyperadobe

I recently discovered the folks who run tinyshinyhome.com and who have produced a number of video programs. I was particularly impressed with this video about building with hyperadobe that they call “The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Hyperadobe Earthbags: Pros, Cons, & Cost Savings” They say, “After 4 years of experimenting, here’s everything we know about hyperadobe … Read more

Renovating an 18th Century Stone Barn

Africa Lao had spent her career designing homes from an office in Barcelona, so when she moved to the country to get closer to nature, she was inspired to transform a crumbling 18th century stone barn into a small, minimal dream home. Located in the middle of protected forest, the location was an urban refugee’s … Read more

The Permaculture Adventure Bundle

Running from July 1–4th permies.com is offering a Permaculture Adventure Bundle to help with your sustainable journey. For $35 you can get over $600 worth of merchandise, including Owen Geiger’s Roundhouse Studio Plan (and his Earthbag Building Guide ebook), which is worth $150 in its own right. This comprehensive package of e-books, movies, plans, presentations, … Read more

Dan Price’s Underground Home

When Dan Price returned to his home state of Oregon in 1990 he was determined to avoid mortgages or rent (he and his family had just finished care taking a mansion with a heating bill of $500/month). He found an unused meadow in Joseph, Oregon, and began renting it from his neighbors for $100/year (in … Read more

Two Ecological Homes in Australia

Stuart Absalom and Philip Mawer’s home in Australia has wonderful views in every direction. The living area faces north, while the two bedrooms and bathrooms face south. The house follows the principles of passive solar in that region, including its northerly aspect, thermal mass through masonry walls, and windows thoughtfully placed for ventilation and cooling. … Read more

An Off-Grid Dream Home in Costa Rica

In this is short film an architect decided to move to Costa Rica to build his dream home in the jungle. It is made with shipping containers, bamboo, and other sustainable materials. It runs on solar and hydro power and has beautiful ocean and jungle views. It is like a dream of living in when … Read more