An Abundant Food Forest in New Zealand

A lush edible oasis of forest garden is grown and lovingly tended by Garry and Ali Foster. Using no-dig, permaculture principles, Matahiwi Forest Garden celebrates balance, diversity and resilience. What was once a thin layer of riverbed silt is now a thriving ecosystem offering sustenance for several households. The Fosters strive to live in partnership … Read more

Legendary Permaculturalist Jerome Osentowski’s Future Uncertain

Jerome Osentowski, the founder of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute is known the world over as a gardening guru. But now he is facing a challenge from a pest he never anticipated: zoning. Around Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, the legend is well-known: An eccentric old man living on Basalt Mountain had grown bananas at … Read more

Agroforestry in Africa Produces Food Security, Economic Resilience and More

Trees for the Future has released a report that shares the short and long-term effects of agroforestry systems on hunger, poverty, and landscape restoration. The report confirms that their Forest Garden Approach effectively achieves the triple bottom line of food security, economic resilience, and environmental impact. “Farming and agricultural land use are key factors in the … Read more

Global Peace Week Explores 7 Core Needs

I joined this panel to explore the idea of providing comfortable shelter for all animal and human life on Earth. The 90-minute plenary invited leaders in the field of ancient & earth wisdom, natural building and community building with Ousmane Aly Pame, Kelly Hart & Mark Lakeman to respond to the following questions: What would … Read more

Scottish Couple Celebrate Ten Years of Farming

James Reid and Rosa Bevan hope to inspire other budding farmers after living off their own land for the last ten years. Tap O’ Noth farm in Scotland produces ecologically grown fruit and vegetables on their eight-acre site, as well as housing chickens, geese and a small herd of dairy goats. They practice permaculture which … Read more