Netherlands’ Ecovillage Boekel is a Model for Sustainable Living

From the sky, the Netherlands’ Ecovillage Boekel looks like a flower house. It is an almost self-sufficient housing community that was voted the most sustainable organization in the Netherlands in 2021. This project offers concrete solutions for social, economic, and cultural regeneration. The Ecovillage is made up of 36 pioneering sustainable flats where 48 adults … Read more

Homesteading and Permaculture Bundle of Information

I usually avoid posting anything commercial on this blog, but this seems like such an incredible deal am going to tell you about it anyway. At from January 1 – 3 you can get the 2024 Homesteading and Permaculture Bundle for just $35. It includes over 35 books, videos and webinars, so they are … Read more

A New Biodiversity Law Affects Developers in England

Starting in 2024, new homes in England will have to make sure their projects deliver at least a 10% biodiversity net gain. Helen Nyul, group biodiversity manager for one developer, describes what has been done at one recent development. “We’ve got the house marten nesting cups which are on the side of the front end … Read more

The Ecological Renovation of an Old Garage

Maison Melba is a unique architectural project that involves the renovation of a rural building nestled in the heart of the meadows and orchards of the Village of Frelighsburg in southern Quebec. The former 1970s automobile garage has been transformed into a living space that is open to the community and the development of collaborative … Read more

Showcase of Natural Building at OUR Ecovillage

Freya’s House is an off-grid green building that showcases multiple natural building techniques from straw bale, cob, and rammed earth walls, to earthen floors, a green roof, and reclaimed, salvaged and locally sourced materials. It uses solar power for electricity, a legal composting toilet, and on-site greywater filtration. The house is located at O.U.R Ecovillage … Read more