Recycled Plastic Modular Underground Domes

Here is another possible solution to housing with underground dome technology that might be more suitable in some humid, tropical locations where earthbag domes could be problematic. Affordable housing that is also resilient in natural disasters is desperately needed in many parts of the world. WORTHYdomes  has designed sustainable dome structures that are also transportable and modular.

These domes feature a unique combination of old and new technologies and sustainable construction methods, including earth berm construction, green roofs and walls, passive solar design, and prefabricated composite shells.

Top benefits and features of these domes include:

  • Simplicity — Easy and fast to assemble and maintain.
  • Durable — Made from recycled materials that will last for centuries. Up to 90% or more of the material used in composite shells is recycled.
  • Energy-efficient in saving 70% on heating/cooling bills and potentially up to 100% when passive-solar principles are used in the design.
  • Affordable – Cost of $30.00/ft2 to recycle ocean plastic and create 1,000 ft2 dome. Sold at 40% markup for $42,000. Priced up to $50,000 per dome for off-grid and plumbing capabilities.
  • Transportation Cost Savings — One system allows 4 to 5 domes to be transported in one container, resulting in 75% lower shipping costs.
  • Comfort — Beautiful and comfortable designs to live in.

The company says that these structures have ongoing benefits for the environment with each dome recycling approximately 15 bottles per square foot so that a 1,000 square foot house will recycle about 15,000 bottles over time.

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9 thoughts on “Recycled Plastic Modular Underground Domes”

  1. Please send me more information like costs building times etc. on the house model just above with the white interior and the arched doors. Does this company build in Portugal? Thank you Alda

  2. Thanks Kelly! You are amazing ! Finding these systems ! Where abouts in the world are them building?

    Still seems important that places like 3 moonsproject to create little earth bag domes and ! By hand, without electricity ! Some places can do anywhere!!

    • The company seems to be just getting going, so there are few examples of actual builds. I do prefer hand-made structures as well, but it is nice to know what the options are.

  3. I would like to hear more about this company. It looks similar to greenmagichomes. Do they sell them in the United States?

    • Looking at the website I see a donation driven site, but not something for a homeowner or someone who is looking to provide shelter for themselves of their family.

      • Yes, they are a start-up company, but their intention is to make them available to individuals as well as larger organizations.

    • Yes, they are similar to Green Magic Homes, but the feed stock for the molds is theoretically recycled. Their intention is to ship them anywhere.

  4. If at high altitude in the humid tropics this may work, but at my location, the water from my well is at 84 or 28 degrees. There is an pedestrian underpass in Manila which crosses under a busy road, the temperature in it is a bit stifling. The tunnel not cool like in more temperate climates.

    I would think a scoria or rice hull bag construction many be better for the lowland humid tropics.


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