For the Love of Earthbags

The driving factor behind this project is the belief that simple design is high design, particularly when working in the developing world. For the Love of Earthbags (F.L.O.E.) is an interactive design project that aims to prove that it’s possible to approach high-design in a manner that is tasteful, modern, and groundbreaking by using only … Read more

Finished Earthbag School in Nepal

    “On October 31, 2011, Edge of Seven and The Small World Nepal broke ground on a two-room secondary school in the village of Phuleli, located in the Solukhumbu District of Nepal. Five months later (following a two-month winter break), we put the finishing touches on the interior of the very first earthbag structure … Read more

Earthbag Building Spreads in Nepal

We have been following the building of a school in Nepal with earthbags and just got the following note from one of the organizers of that project: I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts and work in documenting and promoting earthbag construction.  I am working with an organization in rural Nepal to … Read more

Earthbag School in Nepal

“Together, with the local community and our Nepali project partner, we began construction on a much-needed lower secondary school for students in classes 7 and 8. Inspired, energized and more aware of the issues facing the developing world, our volunteers are now settling back into life at home as they process through their experiences. The … Read more

A “Recycled” School using Earthbags

This article is from, where there is also a video showing the school that has the same sound track as the text below. A school in Pune, India is a model example of how to follow a greener lifestyle. It’s not just teaching its students chapters on recycling, but setting an example. With walls … Read more