A Wonderful Waterfront Bamboo Pavilion in China

The Huanglong Waterfront Bamboo Pavilion is located in the ancient village of Beijiao in the Guangdong Province of China. “Baijiao” in ancient times means “hundred interlaced rivers and dense water network”.

Public space integrated with nature close to water is a place for people to enjoy, chat and entertain. The Bamboo Pavilion is located in the newly-built Liyusha Park in the center of Huanglong Village. Originally the park was unpopular because it lacked a lush plant landscape for enjoying the cool and recreational space and sheltering from the sun and rain. Villagers often went fishing along the waterfront, descending steps in the park. By adding shade they could turn this place into a popular space for villagers and tourists. So they decided to build a waterfront bamboo Pavilion at the waterfront steps, hoping to provide a cool place for residents and tourists who enjoy the water culture.

The waterfront bamboo corridor uses a double sided cantilever method, utilizing the toughness of bamboo to create the integrated design. The Bamboo Pavilion is multi-functional, integrating recreational space, water theater and wharf in one place.

The Bamboo Pavilion design uses low-carbon bamboo and combines craftsmanship with the aesthetic of traditional bamboo weaving in rural areas. It provides a space that has only a few columns, is open visually, and provides some shelter from wind and rain. The bamboo staggered joints are spliced to achieve a longer overhanging length, and the interior hidden steel skeleton helps with the stress to achieve the shape.

The bamboo weaving on the surface provides interesting light and shadow changes and a sun-shading environment. The skin effect increases the stability and integrity of the overall umbrella-shaped structure, and a transparent waterproof film is laid on the top to shield the structure from rain.

The diameter of the umbrella cover is up to 9.3 meters.

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2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Waterfront Bamboo Pavilion in China”

  1. They’re caching rainwater and funneling it down to the planter boxes with those!

    Nice looking park. Steps down to the water make for a nice canoe or kayak landing.

  2. Wow. Just beautiful work. Since I live and build in Mexico, and even though I have no experience building with bamboo, I dream to build my house using earthbags for walls and other stuff, and a bamboo roof. I am aware there are many good bamboo builders around Mexico, and that we do have the right bamboo species for building, so, I hope I will connect with the right people down here. Meanwhile, I will keep admiring beautiful structures as this one. Thank you Kelly.


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