Alone Survival Winner Zachary Fowler on Survival Gear

Here it is, after all this time I’m finally going to show you all that I did on History’s Alone season 3 to win that $500K grand prize. This is going to be a re-enactment of my time on Alone season 3, but as if I did it here in Maine where I live. I’m going to build it all over again: all the shelters, etc. I used during my 87 days in Patagonia.

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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves

This is a comparison of two Cubic mini wood stoves – the smaller Cub and the larger Grizzly. Canadian made. Small stoves like this are perfect for cabins, tiny homes, RVs, etc. As you can imagine it would be easy to get wood scraps and kindling for free. I love the wall mount. With the optional mini-roaster you can cook on top of the stove.

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Square One Villages

From Gail, a long time reader: They are having a fundraiser for the final monies to complete the Village for “working poor” and have some folks who are matching funds for those donated. Would you be willing to post this, so that the folks who read can see this great village movement as it … Read more

Woman builds Unique Tiny house using recycled materials in Canada

“Anne spent years building this amazing tiny home using lots of reclaimed and recycled materials. It has many unique features such as the barn style roof, reclaimed wooden windows, two lofts, and earth plaster walls and counters.”

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Book About Earthbag Architecture

I am pleased to announce that my most recent book is now available, both in print form and as a Kindle from  Earthbag Architecture: Building Your Dream with Bags is the story of my involvement with earthbags over nearly two decades. I spent much of this winter resurrecting memories of the earthbag projects that I have completed and sorting through a multitude of photographs. Some 240 of these full color images grace the pages of this informative book.


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