Bamboo and Rammed Earth Help Build Integrated Society

German architect Anna Heringer is very fond of rammed earth and its potential to replace the ubiquitous use of concrete. She feels that it can help reduce the dominance of lobbies and preserve and enrich local know-how, and thus transform construction into a tool for reducing inequalities.

The Anandaloy Building, a center for people with disabilities in Bangladesh, is one of the latest outcomes of these reflections. Besides its materials (mostly earth and bamboo) and the building process (managed by a local enterprise, employing local craftsmen), the issue of functions is crucial here.

The condition of disability, still largely stigmatized in Bangladesh, often leads to a person’s complete isolation, but here she is re-integrated in the community‚Äôs life. The access ramp winds up around the building and demonstrates how rammed earth can be used to create a more inclusive society.

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4 thoughts on “Bamboo and Rammed Earth Help Build Integrated Society”

  1. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL and pleasing to the heart and mind.

    Theresa, in which parts of those three states would you be interested in building?

    • As soon as I find unrestricted land I would build in any part of the states. I am ready for a life style change. I have had three massive heart attacks and I have almost died twice. I am so blessed and honored to still be here on this earth. If you have any ideas as to where I can find unrestricted land in any of those states please let me know? I have been looking and looking. I am trying to find a piece of land with a water source (spring or stream) already available. Thank you so much for asking. T


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