Demonstration of How Iranian Yurts are Made

This video shows exactly how the traditional yurts of the Shahsavan nomads in Iran are built. The whole structure is pre-tensioned before the felted wool cover is placed over the framework, which gives the yurt the ability to withstand the gales that blow across their high mountain landscape. The Shahsavan are some of the world’s most renowned weavers, and their beautiful straps and rugs adorn the interior.

The Shahsavan formed in the eighteenth century from a confederation of tribes who occupied a region that spanned the Iran/Azarbaijan border. In 1884 the border was closed by the Russians and the tribe split in two, part in Iran and part in Azarbaijan. Since then the nomads have had to work hard to try to hold onto their lands and traditional way of life. This was filmed on the Iranian side of the border.

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  1. Wow, just wow! This is amazing to watch. These people have been doing this for years out of necessity and I’ve never even thought about how other people build and live in other countries. This is a great video.


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