How to Build the Strongest Buildings That Can Last Centuries — 7 Comments

  1. Pumice crete building is the strongest building there is I live in a pumice crete home in El Pescadero BCS and when hurricane Odile came is sept of 2014 cat4 hurricane my house was the only one in the neighborhood that had no damage at all pumice crete is the only thing I would build a house out of ever again for more info on pumice crete homes you can email me at thanks Ray

  2. I absolutely love the Earth Bag discussions. I am relatively new to the whole concept but I am excited about putting it into use on my own property. My question to you is this: Is it practical to use in humid zones, such along the Coast lines? The property is 40 acres along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, how well will these do in relative wet areas?

    • Thanks. Poly sand bags were designed for flood control and so they hold up extremely well in moist environments. There’s a Dept. of Transportation study that concluded poly bags will last 500 years or more if kept out of sunlight. You can order their report online. Search our blog for the details.

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  4. Note the rebar ties that connect the inner and outer rebar/mesh shells.

    There are lots of options: monolithic slab (so the foundation is integrated with the floor), basalt rebar and basalt mesh or plastic mesh that don’t rust…

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