Hyperadobe with EarthenHand

This is one of the best videos I’ve seen in illustrating how to go about building a project. In just a few short minutes it manages to show the construction process from foundation to roof, using lots of animated portions to speed it up.

There are several particularly worthwhile aspects of this 800 square foot design that I want to point out. One is that much of the walls are made with the Hyperadobe technique, using individual mesh bags instead of continuous rolls of mesh.  Aslo, it shows how to create an insulated green roof.  Another is that the house is designed as a passive annual heat storage (PAHS) system to capture heat during the warm season for use in the winter.

This video was produced by Scott Howard of Earthenhand.com, and I can recommend connecting with him and his organization for the workshops they teach.

1 thought on “Hyperadobe with EarthenHand”

  1. Beautiful and helpful video by this master builder! So great to see both the details of laying bags, and the stop action process of the whole building!
    Just one comment about barbed wire- building is quicker without it. But in regions with some seismic risk barbed wire is essential. And for the more stressed portions of buildings (the courses above doors and windows at least) I would recommend adding some barbed wire for extra strength even in hyperadobe.
    I’ll have to ask Scott why he chose bags instead of tubes. I can still highly recommend the tube material available from Bag Supplies Canada, info@bagsupplies.ca


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