Earthbag Building in Cold Climates

Most earth structures such as adobe are located in hot, dry climates. But what if you live in a cold climate and want the benefits of low-cost earth building techniques? Earthbag building has the unique advantage of providing either thermal mass or insulation, and therefore can be adapted for cold climates with an insulated fill … Read more

Affordable and Sustainable DIY Earthbag Homes

Earthbag building (also called sandbag building) is surely one of the lowest cost, most practical building methods. First used by the military for building durable, bullet and blast resistant structures, this building method has recently experienced a surge of interest among do-it-yourself builders. There are now an estimated 1,000 to 1,500 earthbag structures, including homes, … Read more

Another Code Approved Earthbag Project!

I find it very heartening to notice that several earthbag dwellings have been approved by building authorities recently. The most recent one is located near Berea, Kentucky, and is profiled as the Kentucky Dome Home on our website. This house was designed by John Capillo, the owner, and was built with the assistance of HomeGrown … Read more

The Beauty of Earthbag Homes

In my opinion nothing beats the warmth and rustic beauty of natural materials. Many people choose natural building materials to save money, and that makes perfect sense. But let’s not overlook design aesthetics. A home is much more than just an assemblage of materials. Natural materials have a way of seamlessly blending everything together, turning … Read more

Feed Sacks as Sandbag Substitutes

Kelly and I try to track everything about earthbags and sandbags.  Here’s a suggestion I came across on a January 4, 2009 post at   It’s another example of the amazing versatility of building with bags. “We came across a small discovery here on our ranch. We feed many animals and four dogs. So we … Read more